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Executive Leadership Team

Names from left to right
Bart Schaller
EVP and Chief
Marketing Officer
Henry Greig
EVP, Chief Credit Officer and Capital Management Leader
Paul Whynott
EVP and Chief
Risk Officer
Trish Mosconi
EVP, Chief Strategy Officer and Corporate Development Leader
Mark Martinelli
EVP and Chief
Audit Executive
Curtis Howse
EVP and Head of
Direct to Consumer
Jonathan Mothner
EVP, General Counsel and Secretary
Brian Wenzel
EVP and Chief
Financial Officer
Margaret Keane
Chief Executive Officer
Brian Doubles
Alberto “Beto” Casellas
EVP and CEO, CareCredit
Tom Quindlen
EVP and CEO,
Retail Card
Carol Juel
EVP and Chief Information Officer
Neeraj Mehta
EVP and CEO, Payment Solutions and Chief Commercial Officer
Kurt Grossheim
EVP and Chief Operating Officer
DJ Casto
EVP and Chief Human Resources Officer
Michael Bopp
EVP and Chief Customer Engagement Officer