Grow our business from three sales platforms:

Grow existing retailer penetration

Continue to innovate and provide robust cardholder value propositions

Add new partners and programs with attractive risk and return profiles

Position business for
long-term growth

Explore opportunities to expand the core business (e.g., small businesses and proprietary networks

Continue to grow Synchrony Bank - enhance offerings to increase loyalty, diversify funding and drive profitability

Investment in core infrastructure to drive scale efficiency and agility

Operate a strong balance sheet and financial profile

Maintain strong capital
and liquidity

Deliver earnings growth and attractive returns

Invest in “Next Generation” data, analytics and digital capabilites

Continue to expand the use of advanced analytics to leverage
SKU-level data to drive sales and customer loyalty

Further develop a frictionless mobile and digitized environment through the use of customer journey insights

Leverage unstructured data and machine learning to drive an even higher level of customer engagement

Leverage Strong Capital Position

Organic growth, program acquisitions and start-up opportunities

Continue capital plan execution through dividends and share repurchase program, subject to Board and regulatory approvals

Invest in capability-enhancing technologies and businesses