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Our Technology


A four-year transformation of our technology strategy—backed by investments in AI, APIs, cloud, data and Scaled Agile—have allowed us to adapt quickly to the impacts of the pandemic, delivering new digital experiences for our partners and customers, and helping our employees get home safely and equipped to do their work.

Getting Employees Home Safely; Gearing Them Up to Deliver:
Our long-term investments in cloud platforms, combined with our technology team’s swift response, helped us get our 16,500 employees home quickly, including our contact center associates who have never worked from home before, while incorporating leading-edge security and new technologies. We quickly deployed Microsoft Teams to all employees to support a more agile, asynchronous way of working, and made changes in how we work and interact for the long-term.

API Gateway and Developer Platform Speeds Digital Innovation for Our Partners:
Synchrony’s APIs enable internal and external parties to tap into our digital ecosystem so partners can quickly deliver innovative features that enhance the consumer experience by co-creating custom, digital-first experiences—such as applying for credit, alerts, loyalty programs, account servicing and more.

Contactless capabilities improve partner and customer experience:
Synchrony accelerated contactless capabilities in the face of the pandemic to improve the user experience, including Direct to Device capability for in-store contactless engagement with customers; dApply, which reduces the number of fields required for a customer to open an account; and QR Codes that allow consumers to apply for credit as well as pay, all from their own devices.

Better Servicing through AI:
Our long-term investments in our data lake have enabled Synchrony to use Artificial Intelligence to automate actions and create better predictions across our servicing platforms. Our intelligent virtual assistant Sydney, for example, interacts with customers, handling an estimated 14 million online customer service interactions annually and resolving approximately 80% of customer requests digitally. PRISM, our enterprise-wide credit platform that combines AI, machine learning and data analytics, gives us a more holistic view of customers and helps in approval rates and fraud reduction.

“Synchrony’s commitment to digital transformation allowed us to quickly adapt to meet the needs of our partners, customers and employees during the pandemic. We were able to prioritize technology needs for all our stakeholders while continuing to drive innovation for 2021 and beyond.”

CAROL JUELEVP and Chief Information Officer