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Strategic Priorities

Focus on Long-Term Value Creation While
Diversifying for the Future:

Grow core partnerships and continue to add new programs at attractive returns.

  • Drive growth for our partners and continue to strengthen our relationships by delivering new products and capabilities.
  • Launch new programs with a focus on fast-growing partners where we can leverage our advanced technology.

Diversify the business through targeted strategies in Payment Solutions, CareCredit and Synchrony-branded products.

  • Grow Payment Solutions through point-of-sale capabilities and innovative product offerings.
  • Grow CareCredit through broader acceptance and further expansion of the network (e.g., health systems).
  • Invest in Synchrony-branded products—Auto and Home Networks, Synchrony Mastercard and additional
    banking products.
  • Leverage acquisitions to develop and grow new revenue sources (e.g., e-gifting, pets).

Deliver best-in-class customer experience through technology and data analytics.

  • Continue expansion of advanced analytics leveraging customer-level data and insights.
  • Further develop capabilities to deliver a frictionless customer experience.
  • Leverage alternative data and machine learning to further drive innovation (e.g., underwriting and authentication).

Operate with a strong balance sheet and financial profile.

  • Disciplined capital allocation approach to drive growth, launch new programs and invest in new products and capabilities and continue to return capital to shareholders.1

Financials at a glance


$3.7 billion
Net Interest Income

$16.8 billion
Average Loan Receivables
(including Held for Sale)
$89 billion
Purchase volume

$149 billion
Total Capital Return

$4.2 billion

1Subject to board and regulatory approvals.