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Spotlighting Our Technology

Here are four Digital products and capabilities that are delivering radically simple customer experiences:


dApply is Synchrony’s digital credit approval process for mobile, tablet or desktop that makes applying for credit a quick, easy process. By reducing the number of form fields by 80%, we’ve made it even easier. Now, customers can apply and buy in just three simple steps.


SyPI is Synchrony’s patented iOS and Android plug-in that lives within a partner’s existing mobile app. Because SyPI integrates seamlessly with our partner’s applications, customers can securely access all of their credit and account management functions, special promotions and loyalty features in one place.


Sydney is Synchrony’s intelligent virtual assistant, available 24/7. Built on a machine learning and artificial intelligence platform, she’s been answering questions for customers since 2017—currently handling more than half a million inquiries a month. Now, she’s also helping our customer service representatives quickly find the information they need to do their jobs more efficiently. Sydney learns with every interaction and is making our teams smarter too.


PRISM is Synchrony’s new enterprise-wide credit platform, combining artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics to give us a more holistic view of our customers. We expect PRISM to boost our approval rates and reduce fraud, leading to higher sales and lower losses for our partners and ourselves.

Synchrony is going beyond digital transformation to create positive experiences to meet the increasingly rapid pace of changing customer expectations. Speed and ease of use are key, while creating personalized experiences at every touchpoint are becoming ever more important.”

Carol Juel
Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer