Doing Right by Our Customers…
and the Environment

As a consumer financial services company, we provide financial education to our customers in a variety of forms and formats, including videos of easy-to-understand lessons on savings, credit and how our products work.

Our company makes a conscious effort to use our energy sources, water and materials efficiently while reducing waste and emissions. Through such simple initiatives as collecting used batteries, light tubes and surplus electronic equipment to recycle — while recycling the green waste we generate at each of our sites — Synchrony ensures that its statutory and ethical environmental obligations are met. We operate two Energy Star®-certified facilities, and we have four sites in the process of being certified.

“I work with the clients at the YWCA of Greater Phoenix and talk to them about money management and help them learn about the different tools they can use to be able to budget and have some savings for a rainy day. I’ve seen how the financial education lessons have resulted in positive outcomes for the women and their families. I appreciate Synchrony giving me the time and the opportunity to serve and meet people in the community I might not otherwise have had the opportunity to work with.”

— JoAnn Roman-Mata, Phoenix, Synchrony Employee